Wujudkan Demokrasi

Save Democracy, the Indonesian Presidential Election is Honest, Fair and Free from Nepotism

By: Agusto Sulistio – Founder of The Cyber ​​Activist, Former Head of Dept. PIJAR Semarang Action and Advocacy.

The 1998 reform can be interpreted as the emergence of a new democratic spirit in Indonesia, which leads to political and social changes towards a democratic system that involves public participation with its diversity. In its implementation, reform demands significant changes in the political system, free and fair elections, freedom of the press, protection of human rights, a professional state apparatus and public participation. Becoming a shared commitment to create a strong democratic foundation with the principles of freedom, justice and community participation are the foundations that must be implemented by every government leader. In the era of President B.J. Habibie, the holding of the 1999 General Election was an example of a democratic, free and fair election reform agenda. This moment marked the first step in the post-New Order democratic transition, where President Habibie demonstrated his commitment to democratic space and the people’s voting rights. The implementation of elections provides an opportunity to compete fairly, reflecting the spirit of reform to open up more open and democratic political competition. The implementation of the 1999 General Election in the era of President Habibie marked a positive first step in Indonesian political reform, reflecting a change towards a more democratic government. Even though the reform journey is colored by the political dynamics of the times, leaders who consistently uphold the principles of reform show determination to strengthen democracy and justice amidst political challenges. In a routine study by the Indonesia Democracy Monitor (InDemo) several years ago, dr. Hariman Siregar emphasized that democratic behavior can be realized through leaders who are committed to democratic values, openness, the ability to listen and dialogue, an understanding of limited power, the importance of monitoring systems, as well as efforts to increase education and awareness of democracy. This reflects the essence of leaders who support, implement and strengthen democratic principles to create a political order that is participant and just. So, in realizing democracy, it requires exemplary democratic leaders, supporting the democratic process, improving the welfare of society, and realizing that democracy is not only about winning power, but also building a just and sustainable society.

Towards 2024 At the 23rd anniversary of Indemo (Indonesia Democracy Monitor) entitled “Refusing to Forget: Defending Democracy” which was held at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Monday afternoon 16/01/23, hundreds of activists from various forces and tumplek regions were present and packed the room. What was striking at the commemoration was the white banner that was unfurled in the reception room, which was a play on the statement of French King Louis In his speech in front of hundreds of activists, Hariman Siregar felt it was strange that there was a desire for 3 (three)  terms and to postpone the election on the grounds that there was no money. The question is, if there is no money, why even build IKN? Apart from challenging the electoral system, Rizal Ramli, a student activist figure 78 who has been in the government several times, stated that KPU members must be replaced by party representatives so that each KPU member will control their vote. According to Rizal Ramli, Jokowi, who never fought for democracy and was able to bring it to power, is now actually abandoning democracy. InDemo was founded by one of them, Hariman Siregar, Late. Buyung Nasution, Late. Mulyanah W Kusumah, Late. Alm. Amir Husin Daulay, etc. in 2000, has become the home of activists across generations in maintaining, monitoring and ensuring that democracy remains intact and running. Through regular studies and discussions carried out consistently since 2000 until now, InDemo has no interest in power, except in trying to ensure that democratization, human rights, rule of law and civil society can function. The Jokowi Government’s commitment to implementing democracy to create a just, prosperous society and a government that is free from corruption and corruption, as well as holding elections that are transparent, free and fair, is in the public spotlight in general, especially institutions that are concerned with issues of democracy, civil society, human rights and the rule of law. . Concerns over the implementation of democracy during the Jokowi government have long been a matter of special note and regular discussion at InDemo. The worries slowly began to appear. The political dynasty of President Jokowi’s family is becoming increasingly evident and is destroying the political and constitutional order. The Constitutional Court became a tool of power by placing Jokowi’s brother-in-law as Chairman of the MK Panel of Judges, who then decided with his own perception on the lawsuit regarding the age requirements for vice presidential candidates. In this case, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, who is the nephew of the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Anwar Usman, is allowed to become the Vice Presidential Candidate in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Ganjar Pranowo – Mahfud MD Ensures Democracy Works After the event for taking the serial numbers of the 2024 Vice Presidential Candidates, at the KPU Building, Tuesday Evening, 14/11/2023. Pair number 3, Ganjar Pranowo – Mahfudz MD in their speech highlighted the latest political situation. Ganjar revealed the recent situation, where the public was presented with a political situation which was termed “Korean drama”. He regretted this situation, which should not happen in a democracy. According to the former Governor of Central Java, this moment can be the start of implementing a democratic party through honest, fair and transparent elections. However, our spiritual atmosphere is currently being disturbed by an inappropriate political situation, so we, the Ganjar and Mahfud couple, of course listen to many parties and capture the anxiety and spiritual atmosphere that is emerging in society, from national figures, national teachers, religious circles, cultural figures, journalists, editors. , activist, student. Our obligation in this situation is to ensure that democracy runs well, even though currently the condition of our democracy is not good. All of this can be overcome by optimism and public participation that has awareness and commitment to keep democracy running. The journey of democracy is not always straight, but rest assured that democracy will follow its spirit, like water it will find its way, and cannot be stopped by any means. And if efforts to stem the water continue to be enforced, he will find a way until he reaches the estuary of the democracy we desire. So that the direction and reform agenda can be completed, ensuring that elections run democratically, honestly and fairly, with integrity that is far from elements of corruption and corruption and guarantees the implementation of legal certainty / rule of law. The commitment conveyed by the couple Ganjar Pranowo and Mahfudz MD is the ideals and hopes of the nation’s elements. This is also one of the focuses of InDemo’s routine studies and discussions to be fought together, since InDemo was founded until now.